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We get a lot of questions asked & accusations thrown at us here at Syndicate HODL. Most of them have to do with the subject of F.U.D., but we get the occasional, “Are you single?” inquiry, which is to be expected. I mean, have you seen the fucking warriors in this community?!   

Without further ado, here are answers to some of your F.U.D. related questions & accusations:   

Accusation:  You’re Scammers! Just another Pump & Dump Group.   

Ok, so there are a lot of rumors that are regurgitated from one bird to another. However, it’s a simple answer on our part, we’re exactly the opposite! We here at Syndicate HODL are a beautifully organized community that adheres to the cohesive strategy of Pump & HODL. We are hijacking the SYNX coin from P&D’ers, to give power back to the people and to rid them of getting burnt.     

Accusation: You’re just another PONZI SCHEME?   

First things first, nice try, but still no! Sorry, was that loud? No but seriously P&D’ers are at the heart PONZI schemes.  This accusation is a myth which we dispel everyday in our wall battling HODLs and methodology. 

Question: I bought in at 36k, and then I went to sleep. When I woke up, it was at 10k, what the hell is up with this scam?   

First, it’s never advisable to buy a coin at its 900% peak. Instead you could of helped the community “man the walls”, but we understand that in the moment of euphoria you might not make sound judgments.  The best thing to do is just have patience and join our community for the long haul. It's only a phase, a transient phase on the way to the Promised Lands of Syndicate Galactic.

Never forget to bear in mind this movement is in its infancy and should you look to your left and right you’ll see your fellow community members in the same boat as you on the first day. We were not organized, but that was only temporary as each day we form together more organized and become a solid ass kicking unit. We have leaders who have great expertise and we draw upon every individual’s skills to achieve our target goal.

Don’t Panic.  

Don’t over analyze charts. 

Follow Instructions of Admins.     

We here at Syndicate HODL are in this for the LONG TERM INVESTMENT!   

Just to add to one of the problems we experienced our first day, was that we ourselves were the victims of the very evil we want to fight off, “P&D’ers”.   

Question: Why was my message deleted from the Slack Group?   

The simple reason can be your behavior. We’re open-minded and we’ll listen to anyone, but please check your delivery.    

Obey the simple rules of the community and the community will never do you injustice:


  • NO F.U.D

Remember, the bitcoin price did not magically increase in value over night.

Question: What is F.U.D. & why is it harmful?   

F.U.D. stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.    

After all we’re all human and panic breeds more unnecessary panic. Should you experience F.U.D., we advise you to maintain your composure and reach out to an ADMIN who then may address your concerns privately. In life a good percentage of things we worry about never actually happen. Don’t let F.U.D. occupy your mind rent free.    

Always remember, if you’re feeling the pain, the entire community feels this pain with you. Remain positive and we’ll all get through this together and we’re always here to ensure no one panic sells.   

Anything is that ever worth it will always be hard to achieve!   

Always remember the history of bitcoin value ladies & gentlemen.     

Question: What is HODL & why is it good?   

HODL means holding your coins, just as you would hold on to your wallet should a thief be trying to rip it from your hands.    

HODLing is an epic art of our time which allows us to limit the supply of the SYNX coin, thus making the price soar within the cryptocurrency market.

Question: Why not pump, double my profits and be ghost?   

Forgive us for being blunt, but that’s impractical narrow minded thinking.    

The Syndicate Community is here to conquer mountains and soar to epic heights! We don’t sell ourselves short here. We want to bring a smile to everyone’s face here in the community by minimizing losses and spearheading profits.   

Should you think it’s too good to be true, we ask you to ponder upon this quote:    

“The old adage, 'If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' isn't always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities”. ~ Richard Carlson 

Make Sense?    

Now checkout Syndicates Kickass Masternode feature to put the icing on the cake and why we’re behind this movement.   

Each masternode you own (5000 coins) lets you earn passively 20 – 40 coins a daily. This is one of the highest numbers of earnings of all masternode coins out there.    

Should we keep the prices of SYNX high and accumulate a lot of the overall supply, not only would we control the market we also dictate continued higher prices.    

Now imagine you now own (3) three masternodes (15k total SYNX coins) with an average price of 0.25c – 0.35c, this will let you earn between $6 & $12 daily.    

Now let’s take it a step further and say we the HODL Movement drive the price to a stable $1, this will allow you $20 - $40 daily at that rate.    

Long term passive gains are the ultimate key here and why we have embarked on the HODL Movement. Can we all say, NO BRAINER!!!   R.O.I? 125 days at that rate and a measly month if bought earlier.    

Sure you can be the “Average Joe” who that just hit a lottery ticket and doubled your portfolio, but quite frankly you’re the cancer of society who only gives a shit about oneself instead of empowering and benefiting society overall.   

Stand with this community, stand with Syndicate HODLers, and with the power of this movement we’ll accomplish great things benefiting a multitude of people.   

Question: What’s a buy wall?   

Contrary to popular belief this not a fund started by Donald Trump, rather it’s an accumulated number of buy orders for high BTC volume. These buy orders all at certain prices prevent the killer whales from dumping on us with the profit going into their pockets. 

Question: Why don’t we always stay at a high price? I want pump and action!   

Still think like that, then you’re still missing the point.    

We as a community need to accumulate and buy at lower prices, thus allowing the HODLer strategy to work. We want and need to grow both steadily & organically.    

We want to own SYNX at every possibility and have it sold to us cheaply.  

Question: Why so much hate around the Syndicate HODL Movement?   

They hate us, cuz they ain’t us! Ok that was an enthusiastic answer. But really, it’s because they’re Peanut butter and Jealous!  

No seriously, no one is immune to envy. No matter how hard you try to hide it away, we all can succumb to it.    

So if you missed the Chain Coin boat and then the Syndicate boat, to include arriving late at every other opportunity. You just might feel a little envy/hate, let’s be honest here.

Accusation: You’re leader Zach Felder was exposed as a fraud all across Steemit with a video he live streamed on Facebook. Are you trying to bait me in this scam too?   

No, no, no, no. Oh and also, no. This is a myth born out of people who mimic media outlets with the idea of being the quickest (first) to report regardless if it’s factual or not.    

We say we’d like to lean towards hard facts that are collected from all perspectives (including ours) and then presented for review versus simply pulling the trigger & selling half-truths to the masses. People versus Sheeple are what this really boils down to, you decide for yourself here.      

Have a question? Hit us up!