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The hodler strategy

Method To Our Madness

  • At Syndicate we HODL and accumulate this altcoin as a community.
  • The HODLers are referred to as our STRONG ARM Community.
  • HODLers never sell coins no matter what as they can make more money by accumulating and holding the coins
  • HODLers make money buy staking coins for a 50% return.
  • HODLers also make money by setting up a masternode (5000 coins required), which will mine coins for them (20-40 coins a day).
  • HODLers can choose to sell the coins, but our STRONG ARM Community will just HODL the coins. Thus, decreasing supply and increasing demand in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The basic fundamentals of economics is to decrease supply and increasing demand.
  • This approach will allow the HODLers to increase the price of SYNDICATE as a whole, the best cryptocurrency of Business Management Systems (BMS).
  • With the HODLer Method, it does not make sense to dump the coins. Rather, only to sell small amounts of coins when we have choaked the supply and increased demand.

Why Syndicate?

What Is Syndicate?

Syndicate is a long term master-node coin that offers a Business Management System (BMS) with bar-code integration.  

They aim to be the next generation product management platform which will connect business' with their consumers. 

Syndicate will feature a fully integrated management system which will help assist business owners keep track of their inventory, sales, & expenses.

Why Is Syndicate Special?

 With the addition of integrating a method to seamlessly spend Syndicate wherever bitcoin is accepted, the combination of all the right components come together to create the tools we need for mass adoption. 

Plus, for every 5000 SYNX  you own, you're able to run a Master-node.

Master-nodes receive 50% of POS coins!

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